LGB 17010 Loco Magnet

This Magnet activates the (17100) Track contact. It mounts easily under LGB locomotives.

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LGB 17050 Sound Activating Magnet

This Sound Activating Magnet turn's sound effects on in many sound locomotives. it can be clipped easily in to most ... / more details

LGB 17100 Track Contact

This small electrical contact can be used to control LGB points/Turnouts ,Signals & other accessories ... / more details

LGB 18000 Curved Track R5 15-Deg x6

Curved Track Radius 5, 15° X6

 the minimum order is 6 curves

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LGB 18050 Manual Point R5 R/H

Manual Point/Turnout Radius 5 Right Hand

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LGB 18150 Manual Point R5 L/H

Manual Point/Turnout Radius 5

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LGB 19904 Starter Track Set

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