LGB 63403 Scissor Pantograph, Silver

For many LGB electric locomotives.

... / more details

LGB 64107 Loco Coupler Set

This complete coupler set fits LGB 2020-series locos.

... / more details

LGB 64193 Knuckle Couplers, Type 2, 2 pieces

In America, the "knuckle" coupler is the standard for all railroads, and you can add that realistic touch to your LGB ... / more details

LGB 64407 Standard Coupler Set

This complete coupler set fits most LGB freight and passenger cars.

... / more details

LGB 64462 Rack Coupler Hook, 8 pieces

These special coupler hooks eliminate the noise caused by standard hooks dragging on the rack rails. They´re ... / more details

Meet Chalk Garden Rail

Events we are attending this year.
Date Show
26th June Comfirmed (pre book only) 16mm National Garden Railway Show
25th September To Be Comfired Yorkshire Garden Railway Show
Elsecar Heritage Centre
27th/28th November To Be Confirmed Warley National Model Railway Exhibition
NEC Birmingham