LGB 67402 Archbar Freight Trucks, 2 pieces

LGB 67402 Archbar Freight Trucks, 2 pieces

... / more details

LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheel Sets, 2 Pieces

These innovative LGB wheel sets include ball bearings to decrease friction so your locomotive can pull longer trains. ... / more details

LGB 67419 Metal Solid Wheel Set, 2 Pieces

Replace your solid plastic wheels with these rugged metal wheels. LGB metal wheels add the authentic clickety-clack ... / more details

LGB 68331 European Marker Lantern, 18 Volts

Install this authentic lantern on the end of your passenger or freight train. The lantern is lighted and has painted ... / more details

LGB 68332 American Marker Lantern, 18 Volts, 2 Pieces

Light up your train at night. Install these lanterns on your LGB 4065 series, 4075 series, and 4079 series ... / more details

Meet Chalk Garden Rail

Events we are attending this year.
Date Show
August 31st Aug, 1st Sep Llanfair Garden Rail Show
Llanfair Caererinon Leisure Centre,
High School,
SY21 0HW
September 28th Yorkshire Garden Railway Show
Elsecar Hertiage Centre,
Wathe Road,
S74 8HJ
November 16th,17th Festival of Model Railways and Hobbies
Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre,
Garon Park,
Eastern Avenue,
November 23rd,24th Warley National Model Exhibition Show
Hall 5,
B40 1NT